Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 8th

Today is the first day of week two, which in and of itself is rather exciting. I feel as if my approach to writing has already been altered, although perhaps only temporarily.

The lovely Jeanne Alnot, a dear friend and fellow SLC graduate from the Non Fiction program joined me. Jeanne's piece will be up later this week. She led the way in search of Titian, but we ended up writing in Gallery Ten: Batoni, Giaquinto, Panini.

While we were there some sort of construction began in the room next door, so they moved equipment through and I enjoyed the contrast of the refined quiet rooms and the loud bulky machinery.

(Poem removed due to publication elsewhere)


Day of the Week: Wednesday
Occupancy of Museum: light traffic.
Arrived at: 10:00
Departed at: 11:30
Read on Commute: Thunderstuck, Eric Larson

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