Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21st

Today I had two guest writers, Aldina Vazao Kennedy who holds her MFA in non-fiction but dabbles well in poetry, and Melanie Olson a fiction writer working on a novel about Mormons.

Melanie and I both brought laptops which caused my second run-in with MET security. This time we both needed passes (a yellow ticket with words scribbled on it) for our laptops. I did not know that this was necessary since this is the first time I brought my laptop.  You also cannot coat check bags with laptops.

The Temple of Dendur was our destination. Yesterday through the windows Jacob and I had seen them setting up something. We had presumed that this was for some sort of celebration that night. Today the temple was off limits. You could only view it from a distance and it was clear that they were setting something up for tonight.

We ventured upstairs to the Chinese Garden to write in some natural light. Melanie was the first project participant to write on her laptop.


Unknowing twins
in purple, a flash
of crow above us,

shadow through glass
on the living
room floor.

Day of the Week: Tuesday
Occupancy of the Museum: Moderately busy.
Arrived at: 12:30
Departed at: 2:40
Read on Commute: I am the Messenger by Markus Zusack

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