Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11

The Weather in New York today was lovely, New York's energy is always a little different on the 11th, but the sunshine and early fall crispness seemed to help.

For the first time during this project I went to the Cloisters branch of the Met in Fort Tyron Park. The Cloisters was reconstructed in the 1930s, using architectural elements from several Abbeys, and it houses part of the Met's Medieval collection. It is right in the heart of the park and it is a lovely walk from the Subway with nice trees, gardens, and Hudson River views. Jacob Jans, the guest writer today is a poet, and a dear friend. We took the A train up to 190th street, where an elevator lets you off right in front of the park.

We toured the museums, then had a picnic lunch in the park before returning to write. We wrote in the Cuxa Cloister which is a rather beautiful courtyard.

A Month Like This

The Rosemary grew unchaperoned
and the whole yard played a host
to memories.

I would sit in the back garden
sipping tea by the Mulberry bush
then. Nights spent dancing upstate,
the first dish of summer
coal smoked, salty, would slip
down my throat.

One afternoon I found a youth back there,
a stranger murmuring loudly
about Christmas ham and an uncles cigar habit.
I gave him chocolate, he said little
then used my phone to call a cab.

Others I saw through the kitchen window,
sniffing the air as if they had
just now arrived at the Seashore,
but always as if rabbits caught in the garden;
disappearing before I reached them.

Day of the Week: Saturday
Occupancy of Museum: It started off moderately populated but by mid afternoon it was busy and loud
Arrived at: !:30
Departed at: 4:15
Read on Commute: I finished The World Without Us by Alan Weisman

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