Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 25th

Today I met the Jessica Ankeny on the steps of the Met. She is a charming poet and a Sarah Lawrence student.

She is also a frequent Met visitor and so we discussed various locations as we wandered.  She initially wanted to write in the Medieval Weapons section but unfortunately it lacked benches. However we found our way to the rather peaceful Musical Instruments section which is currently home to a gold drum owned by Ringo Starr. The range of international instruments found in this section is extraordinary.

The Mistress of Vanishing

I've always kept a key
beneath my tongue,
a lock pick
spit glued to foot.
My hair contains faint
traces of cyanide.

I traveled north
after the flood,
no Cathedral spires
remained, just lonely
office buildings.

I left for the memory of cities,
Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver.
Surely there would be no
blue uniformed guards sitting
in booths at the border?
Though now I find even
the thought reassuring.

Day of the Week: Saturday
Occupancy of the Museum: Very Busy
Arrived at: 5:00
Departed at: 7:20
Read on Commute:  Cider House Rules by John Irving (slow going today).

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