Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20th

Ten more days! Two thirds of the way through and a beautiful Monday to spend outdoors. Jacob and I brought delicious sandwiches and ate before I wrote. Today he was accompanying to enjoy the park, not to write. We went for a walk afterwords and saw turtles and lots of nannies and private school kids.

I wrote on the grass outside the Sackler wing also known as the home of the Temple of Dendur. They were setting up for an event inside. All sorts of white table cloths and sound equipment.

The World Burns a Brighter Blue

I meant to share the smoked salmon,
but I could not sacrifice
the quiet porch. Others busy
with trays on steps, salting tomatoes.
 That night the ocean tossed up
florescent jellyfish.
Grandmother, a day before eighty,
cupped one in her hands. A greenish
glow visible between fingers.
In the light of a fire and twenty candles
we sang Happy Birthday. My brother
smelling of charcoal, of beef,
arm around my waist.

Day of the Week: Monday
Weather: Sunny, cool in shade, breezy.
Arrived at: 12:40
Departed at: 2:15
Read on Commute: Thunderstruck by Eric Larson (still disappointing me).

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