Saturday, September 4, 2010

September, 4

I arrived at the Met first thing in the morning today. The doors were not yet open. Most of the people where in a line for the Big Bamboo tour up on the roof, although many seemed to be in that line based on incorrect information. I was the first to enter, and the guard that checks in purses opened mine up and asked if I was with the tour. "No". He then informed me that I could not yet enter. I asked why not, after all, the tours start at the same time that the museum opens. He informed me that the museum was not yet open. I was surprised, and about to apologize, when he checked his watch and sheepishly let me in.

I am now convinced that the people who work at the member's desk on the lower floor truly enjoy their job. They are always chatting happily among themselves, yet are very courteous and eager to help.

I entered the museum, and walked through the Mary and Michael Jahavis Gallery otherwise known as the Classics/ Greek and Roman wing, and found that it was empty aside from three guards. Since this is rarely the case I decided to take advantage of the situation and stay. It was really lovely, and the wing remained fairly empty for the hour I was in it.

Telling Time by the Sun

Afloat, stomach down, goggles on,
a sliver fish darts past.
All those mangos diced

on the bread board,
slipped into lips, swallowed delicately.

Plentiful peaches, and the soil smells
of autumn.

Afternoon sleep
with filtered curtain light.

Flesh in this maze, pulled always
to the magnetic center; light takes a body,
reduces it to a day.

Day of the Week: Saturday
Occupancy of Museum: Empty
Arrived at: 9:30
Departed at: 10:40
Read on Commute: Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem

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