Friday, September 10, 2010

September 10th,

The Met was very lively today. Fridays and Saturdays at the Met they have live classical music in the Balcony, starting at five, which adds nicely to the ambiance of the grand entrance hall, and almost gives the Met a festive air. I wrote in the Carrol and Milton Petris European Sculpture Court. There were lots of kids running around and a fair number of teenagers drawing the statues. It all made it a little hard to concentrate and I think that affected the work that I produced, which seemed to consist largely of doodles.


We've tracked veins
back to fault

lines but blood
is unpredictable.

We share it
reluctantly, you and I.

This distant
sibling hood.

Day of the Week: Friday
Occupancy of Museum: Almost busy, very loud.
Arrived at: 4:50
Departed at: 6:00
Read on Commute: I finished Caring For Words in a Culture of Lies by Marilyn Chandler McEntyre, and read some more of Thunderstruck by Eric Larson,

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