Monday, September 27, 2010

September 24: Hossannah Asuncion

Hossannah Asuncion, brought a recorder with her when she went the Met. Hossannah interviewed various people about their relationship to specific pieces of art and she had some interesting perspective overlap, and developing trends. Not on the specific work of art but on people's interaction with art in general. She combined these interviews with photo's and the creative process to create the following images. Click on the images to make them larger. Her observations are included bellow.


Going on Day 24 of this project made me feel the pressure of all the great work produced on the days before mine. What made me especially wary was the fact that I don't feel like I know how to write poetry right now--I'm reading and creating things with my hands, but not writing, per se.

I decided to interview people at the MET. I thought I could ask what piece of art inspired someone to become an art lover...but consistently people could not identify a specific piece of art that started her love affair with art. Instead, a pattern arose (from a very small sample) of people engaging with art in very real ways, people spoke of the 'character' of a tapestry, or the 'personality' in the portrait. Art isn't just material or object; they are living things that make us feel real emotions.

Hossannah Asuncion invites you to witness her tumbling

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