Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 22

The first day of fall was rather warm and sunny, but the trees are starting to hint at the season. I met Mellisa McCarter on the steps. She and I have been friends since sharing a class together in our first year at Sarah Lawrence, she is both a gifted poet and a kind person.

We entered and wandered until we found a comfy looking circular couch in the Henry J. Heinzil Galleries. We were surrounded by lovely paintings. It got distractingly crowded around 11:30. I could not help but notice everyone's shoes. One woman was wearing a pair of high heel sneakers. An Asian couple photographed themselves having a fake nap on the couch one room over.

Today I wrote a number of poems but the only one I am pleased with is a monstich (a one line poem)

Still Life with Octopus

If only it would stop juggling the plums.

Day of the Week: Wednesday
Occupancy of the Museum: Not too bad when we entered but crowded by the time I left.
Arrived at: 10:00
Departed at: 12:15
Read on Commute: I finished I am the Messenger by Markus Zusack (OK) and Thunderstruck by Larson (also mediocre).

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