Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 12th

Today I had two guests. The multi-talented Geneviève Bourgeois, who made the most wonderful jacket for me last year, came and drew. Patrick Brawley a friend, and fellow Sarah Lawrence graduate, a talented poet, wrote.

We ventured inside, talking and generally dealing with the crowd which was rather intense. I am beginning to think that Sundays at the Met are the busiest days of the week. We made our way through Egypt and America, we started to write and draw in the Middle East, before relocating to Chinese Sculptures, 5th to 8th century.

When we where in the Chinese Sculpture gallery a small boy walked by. Tucked under his arm a large drawing pad. On the page that was exposed he had written in red marker 'Magic on the Balcony' with a stick figure drawing of two people dancing.


I am governed by an empty sky;
the gray of dust, texture of chalk.

Home, would I recognize you now,
wood, tile, siding, stucco, knee, back bone?

I have grown accustomed to words
for shelter. Punctuation

a variable foundation.
The elements are here,
and I welcome the winds.


Day of the Week: Sunday
Occupancy of Museum: Terribly busy, and crowded
Arrived at: !:00
Departed at: 2:45
Read on Commute: The Black Dahlia by James Elroy

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