Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13th

Today I started my second notebook of the project, having filled the first one yesterday. I was surprised by how many people were around. Most planning to go into the museum, and were surprised it was closed. There where also some maintenance workers on break and a tourist group looking for a photo opportunity.

I was surprised that the door on the right was left open for a guard to let employees in (I just assumed that those who worked Monday entered through the more discreet doors on the lower level). It also made it possible for tourists to at least glance into the grand entryway.

I started out trying to write on the steps but it was too sunny and a little uncomfortable so I moved to the shaded benches that run along the right side of the front of the museum. It was shady and quiet. Very pleasant.

Countdown Tango

We've got a dance
one card over,
and the dry ice
in the fridge,
Leonard Cohen
on the jukebox.
Plenty of time
to kill, I kid.

The buildings keep
collapsing, the sun don't
shine the same.
Rythm's all I remember,
isn't that a shame?

Drink one glass
then another.
Step left, right
and back. We will
play a happy ditty,
guns behind our backs.

Day of the Week: Monday
Occupancy of Museum: Empty (presumably).
Arrived at: !0:00
Departed at: 11:00
Read on Commute: The Black Dahlia by James Elroy
Weather: Crisp with a side of sunshine.

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