Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sepember 23

Today I visited the special exhibit, The World of Khubilai Khan, currently open only for a members preview. Khubilai was the grandson of Chinggis (better known in the west as Ghenghis) Kahn.

The Met does not usually allow photographs in Special exhibits but I did not see any signs up when I went in so I took one photo, and no one complained. While I was taking the second photo one guard (apparently a senior one) asked if photos were allowed, very loudly and apparently rhetorically. Another replied that during the members preview it should be fine.

I immediately put away my cell phone, nod in their direction to acknowledge that I had heard them. One of the guards nodded back.  As I walked into the next room, the senior guard said to me across the room "no photos in the special exhibit." In response, I said "I'm sorry."

I started writing in the next room on a bench. The light was poor but I was right in front of a beautiful wooden Arhats (a guardian). The senior guard entered the room and loudly informed the female guard that photos were not allowed, and then shot a scowl in my direction.

The guard in the room had a wonderful smile and read all the descriptions of the artifacts.

(Apologies: Poem removed due to publication elsewhere)

Day of the Week: Wednesday
Occupancy of the Museum: Empty
Arrived at: 9:30
Departed at: 10:40
Read on Commute: The Structure of Magic by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, and A Week at the Airport (about being the writer in residence at the Heathrow Airport) by Alain De Botton.

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